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What is abnormal tattoo scabbing and how to heal it with Emu Oil?


Abnormal Tattoo Scabbing: Heal Your New Tattoo Using Emu Oil

Tattoos may be a beautiful expression on our skin canvas, but healing them is a tricky business, and that’s why we’re here - to help you learn more about pure emu Oil and how it can help heal your tattoo through all stages.  One of the biggest worries in the tattoo healing process is certainly tattoo scabbing, which is a completely normal part of the healing but can have deviations that can cause concern. In this guide, we delve into abnormal tattoo scabbing, exploring its intricacies, causes, prevention, holistic healing, and essential care for your tattoo.


What is Tattoo Scabbing?

Before exploring abnormal scabbing, let's revisit the standard progression. Tattoo scabbing is a natural healing phase, a response to trauma during tattooing. The body responds by forming scabs as a protective mechanism against external contaminants.


Is Tattoo Scabbing Normal?

Scabbing is a normal part of healing, although many worry it's a sign of a tattoo infection.

Understanding the cause of scabbing tattoos is crucial. When you get a tattoo, your skin undergoes repetitive needle punctures, prompting a natural response. In this process, scabs form as a protective measure, functioning like an organic bandage to shield the open wound. Imagine it as a body-made band-aid composed of dried plasma, clotted blood platelets, and fibrin, ensuring protection against infection while the new skin grows beneath. The scabbing may begin appearing in the first few days, or, more accurately, 48 hours after you get a new tattoo. Also, most tattoos will go through a scabbing process in one way or another.


Tattoo scabbing


Normal vs. Abnormal Tattoo Scabbing: Learning the Differences

Normal Tattoo Scabbing 

In a typical healing process, scabbing follows a routine evolution, starting with oozing plasma and culminating in gradually hardening scabs over a week. This showcases the body's innate ability to recover from tattooing and is a normal part of the tattoo healing process.

Abnormal Scabbing Signs

Abnormal scabbing can manifest in various ways, such as:

  • excessive thickness, 
  • persistent pain, 
  • irregular colors,
  • unusually thick scab,
  • tattoo itching, 
  • redness, 
  • swelling. 

These signs may indicate issues like infected tattoo, allergic reactions, or excessive trauma. If you think your tattoo might be infected, consult your doctor for further assistance. You can also consult with your tattoo artist on the proper way to protect your tattoo as it heals from the process.


The Causes of Abnormal Scabbing

Understanding the root causes of abnormal scabbing is crucial to address it effectively.

  •   Needle Trauma and Excessive Ink:

Intense tattooing, especially with excess ink, can lead to abnormal scabbing. Overworked areas may show thicker and more persistent scabs as the body expels surplus ink.

  •   Tattoo Bubbling:

Tattoo bubbling, small, raised blisters beneath the skin, can appear before abnormal scabbing. It occurs when the tattoo needle penetrates too deeply, causing damage.

  •   Tattoo Infection:

Infection is a serious contributor to abnormal scabbing. Bacteria entering the tattooed area can cause inflammation, in other words - cause infection, resulting in irregular scab formation and sometimes a thicker scab.

  •   Picking at Scabs:

Picking at scabs prematurely can lead to skin damage, and ink loss, and increase the risk of infection.


How to Prevent Abnormal Tattoo Scabbing

A successful tattoo healing process depends a lot on prevention, and the most important thing is to learn how to prevent infection. You can avoid the risk of abnormal scabbing by embracing proper tattoo aftercare practices. So, what does abnormal scabbing prevention look like?

  • Diligent Aftercare Compliance:

Or, in simple words – Listen To Your Tattoo Artist. When they provide you with the aftercare instructions, they are not advising you; they implore you to take them seriously. 

The aftercare instructions usually include gentle cleansing with antibacterial soap, meticulous drying, and the application of healing tattoo ointments or lotions like Emu Oil.




  • Moisture Moderation:

Protect your fresh tattoo from excessive moisture that could harm the healing process. Activities such as swimming or prolonged water exposure should be avoided until the tattoo attains full healing.

  • Resisting the Urge to Pick:

You can allow for natural healing processes by resisting the temptation to pick at scabs prematurely. Picking scabs not only jeopardizes the integrity of the tattoo but also elevates the risk of infection. Not only that but picking a scab on your tattoo may cause scaring, ruining a perfectly good masterpiece.

  • Seeking Professional Guidance:

Consult your tattoo artist or a healthcare professional if abnormal scabbing persists or concerning symptoms arise.


Tattoo Healing Stages: Overview

A tattoo is a great way to express yourself, but it is essentially a wound. Your body treats it as such, and so should you. However, in order to know what to do as your tattoo heals, you should know what happens in all stages of tattoo healing. This, in many ways, ensures your tattoo heals properly.

#1 - Flooding

During the flooding phase, the ink inside the tattoo spreads and fills in any cracks or gaps in the skin. You may notice swelling and redness in this part of the process.

#2 - Healing

During the healing phase, the ink slowly penetrates deeper into the skin and forms new blood vessels. This process is painless, but it can last from two weeks to several months. This is a point in the healing stage when scabbing may appear.

#3 - Maintenance

During the maintenance phase, scabs will slowly peel away. Keep the tattoo moisturized during this phase and avoid picking at the scabs. If you keep picking the scabs, you can cause damage and infection. Also, wear loose clothing that doesn't rub against your new tattoo.

While most scabs will break off on their own, some may be peeling or cracking too much. This means your skin needs more time for healing. Sometimes, this is an indication that there is some infection or an underlying issue you should address promptly.


How to Care for Tattoo Scabbing: A Guide to Healthy Healing

When faced with tattoo scabbing, taking proper care measures is vital for healing and preventing potential complications. 

Here are the steps you can take:

  •   Gentle Cleansing: 

Wash the tattooed area gently with warm water and antibacterial soap. This helps to remove dirt and bacteria without causing undue irritation.

  •   Moisturization with Tattoo Balm or Oil: 

Apply a thin layer of tattoo balm or ointment to the scabbed area. This aids in keeping the skin moisturized, preventing excessive dryness, and promoting a conducive environment for healing.


Why is Emu Oil good for tattoo healing?

One of tattoo artists' most highly recommended solutions is Emu Oil because it treats the tattoo wound during all three stages of healing and through all seven layers of skin.


Pure Emu Joy Oil



  • In the initial phase, it serves as a non-comedogenic moisturizer, relieving soreness and reducing oozing. 
  • During the second stage, Emu oil prevents itching, decreases healing time, and minimizes scabbing as scabs begin to form. 
  • Even in the third stage, as the tattoo is healing and is mostly scab-free but not fully healed, the application of Emu oil provides instant relief from dry skin, ensuring continuous healing for a vibrant and well-maintained new tattoo. 

Emu oil offers a myriad of benefits, extending beyond superior moisturization. The beauty of it all? It's easily accessible over-the-counter, and no prescription is required.

  •   Avoid Picking: 

Resist the temptation to pick at scabs. Picking can lead to scarring, pigment loss, and an increased risk of infection. Allow the scabs to shed naturally to ensure proper healing.

  •   Sunlight and Temperature Management: 

Shield your tattoo from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Prolonged exposure to these elements can affect healing and potentially cause complications.

  •    Medical Attention for Thick or Painful Scabs: 

    If scabs become excessively thick or painful, seeking medical advice is prudent. A medical practitioner can assess whether there is an underlying infection that requires attention.

    •    Watch for Warning Signs: 

      Be vigilant for symptoms like excessive itching, redness, swelling, or discharge. These could indicate a more severe issue, such as an allergic reaction or infection. If you experience these symptoms, consult a qualified medical professional.


      A Scab Falls Off A Tattoo - What Now?

      So, now it's time for your scab to do a disappearing act as you reach the final part of the healing process. What you should do is simply wash your skin gently with antibacterial emu oil soap and a dash of unscented lotion to keep you on the road to good tattoo skincare. 

      Stick to the aftercare manual, and give your ink and skin some love with the Emu Oil skincare collection. Whether you opt for an emu oil soap bar to clean the tattoo and moisturize your healing skin, or indulge in pure, affordable emu oil for skin hydration, your ink experience will surely be elevated with this product.


      Emu Joy line


      Basic Tattoo Aftercare Tips

      We've said it before, and we'll say it again - listen to your artist's advice. If you trust that person to be an expert tattoo artist and basically paint a part of your body permanently, trust them to know the steps to keeping your tattoo experience complication-free. Arm yourselves with patience, as tattoo aftercare takes time and depends on various factors like the location of the tattoo and the size of your ink. 

      If you pick your scabs open, you risk delaying proper healing by allowing bacteria to grow. Giving plenty of air to the scab promotes healing, even if you have to cover the skin. Also, avoid soaking your skin in water for an extended period, which may cause the scab to fall off before it's ready.

      And, of course, ensure you use the right products to help you through the scab healing process. Check out EmyJoy Shop and find many unique Emu Oil products for cleaning and moisturizing your freshly tattooed skin.  

      Embrace Emu oil for impeccable tattoo aftercare. Its unique fatty acids can combat inflammation while keeping your skin completely hydrated. Explore Emu Joy's skincare line today!

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