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Hemorrhoids - Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

It’s difficult enough dealing with the pain and discomfort from hemorrhoids—having to discuss this somewhat embarrassing condition with your doctor doesn’t make it much easier. Looking for real relief? Try emu oil.

Hemorrhoids are dilated and inflamed veins in and around the anus and rectum. As a health problem, they can be embarrassing to discuss with your doctor, but they are quite common--as many as 1 in 2 adults over the age of 50 have hemorrhoids. Interestingly, dilation of peri-anal veins during defecation is normal. With hemorrhoids, however, these veins remain dilated beyond the normal length of time--even permanently--which can lead to uncomfortable symptoms.

While it's true that they are more likely to occur in men and people who are older, hemorrhoids may develop in a person of any age. 


What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?


People with hemorrhoids frequently experience some or all of these symptoms during an initial presentation or repeat flare-up:

  • Itchiness or swelling around the anus
  • Rectal and peri-anal pain and discomfort, typically felt while sitting down or while having a bowel movement
  • Bleeding during a bowel movement


What causes hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids occur due to increased or prolonged strain on rectal and anal veins. This strain frequently happens during a difficult bowel movement. In addition to excessive straining, other common causes or risk factors may include: 

  • pregnancy / pushing during delivery
  • obesity
  • chronic constipation or, conversely, chronic diarrhea
  • sitting for excessive periods of time (especially on the toilet)

It's also thought that genetics may play a role. As mentioned, men are more likely to develop hemorrhoids, and the chances of developing hemorrhoids increases with age.


How are hemorrhoids treated?


Of course, the best way to treat hemorrhoids is to prevent them from developing in the first place. Prevention of hemorrhoids includes:

  • Eating food with plenty of fiber (especially vegetables and fruits)
  • Drinking enough water and staying adequately hydrated
  • Using the bathroom as soon as you have the urge to do so
  • Exercising regularly

Should you develop hemorrhoids, treatment will focus on the relief of symptoms. This may include wearing breathable cotton underwear, using unscented moist toilet paper while performing peri-anal hygeine, sitz baths and using topical treatments to soothe pain and discomfort. If bleeding occurs, you'll want to consult your doctor--some cases which do not respond to at-home treatments may do well with simple surgical procedures.

Not surprisingly, most medications that are available over-the-counter contain synthetic or artificial ingredients which can cause harmful side effects. To this end, more and more people are finding relief from their hemorrhoids with the use of all-natural products that contain emu oil.


Pure emu oil deeply penetrates the skin to provide anti-inflammation and relief from itchiness and pain. It's powerful yet gentle, and safe to use on all skin types, as well as in delicate areas such as the anus. When gently applied to the affected area, emu oil also provides an anti-bacterial effect. 

Many Emu Joy customers have found particular success in hemorrhoid management by using Banish My Pain. This pain-relieving salve contains emu oil as well as other natural ingredients known for their soothing and pain-relieving effects, including arnica, Vitamin E, lavender, and essential oils. The thick salve formulation provides a barrier to soothe and protect delicate skin.emu oil.                                           

Of course, hemorrhoids can act up when you're out and about. That's when it's good to have the On the Go stick with you. Use this emu oil lip balm size twist up stick for hemorrhoid relief when you don't have access to your Emu Oil or Banish My Pain cream.

These 3 hemorrhoid relievers are available separately or in our money-saving Soothe My Pain Kit.


Looking for relief from your hemorrhoids? Experience the difference that emu oil can make.


Don't be embarrassed to order--remember, the problem is much more common than you may think.
Try Emu Joy hemorrhoid relief solutions and control your hemorrhoid problems.


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