Soothe My Skin

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Soothe My Skin
Soothe My Skin
Soothe My Skin
Soothe My Skin

“Soothe My Skin has given our son amazing relief from the pain and itching of eczema. His skin is noticeably clearer in the morning when we apply it after flare ups.” Julia M.


To give you 100% natural relief for irritated skin, we included a powerful combination of soothing oils enhanced with emu oil, and left out all the potential irritants that can show up in other creams.


Soothe My Skin is packed with aloe, shea butter, calendula and chamomile extracts, evening primrose oil and other botanical oils, plus deeply penetrating and soothing emu oil.


What’s not in it? There are NO parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, petroleum, fragrance or color additives.


This thick rich cream will absorb through all 7 layers of the skin to heal from within, thanks to emu oil’s unique ability to do so. Yet it also works as a barrier cream to keep moisture in the skin.


 Effective relief for these skin conditions


  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Dermatitis
  • Rosacea
  • Lichen Sclerosus


For those long time customers, this cream was formerly called Banish My Rash. Same ingredients, new name.




Aloe Gel. Oils of (AEA Certified Grade A Emu, Sunflower, Olive, Evening Primrose). Montana Beeswax, Shea Butter and Tocopherol/Natural Vitamin E. Extracts of (Chamomile Flower, Calendula Flower, Comfrey Root, Grapefruit Seed). Essential Oils of (Lavender, Lemon, Carrot Seed/ Natural Vitamin A, Rose/Natural Vitamin C).

Soothe My Skin
Soothe My Skin
Soothe My Skin
Soothe My Skin
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I recommend this product

So many uses

I have a skin condition called Lichen Sclerosus. What is so interesting is that my dr prescribed the steriod cream (clobetasol). She told me than that I could only use it for 10 days. Well, the first few days it worked perfectly. After that, no relief whatsoever. So, frantically, I went searching on the web for something.I can't remember what I found on that first search but it contained Emu Oil. It barely worked but it was a definite improvement. Sooooo, then I searched for a better emu oil product and your's came right up. I tried it. It worked . And it worked, and it worked. Still working. There is no way I can be without it at all. I am serious! Now - get this. My husband had some precancerous spots on his "hairless" head. lol. He doesn't like that word "bald headed." He did the treatment by the dr but then used the soothe my skin for his head.Never once has a spot returned. If I get a cut, I use the cream. It works.If I get scratched by the cats, I use the cream - it works! I have a heart condition and as a result, I have to wear nitroglycerin patches every day. Sometimes, I will repeatedly put a patch in the same spot (not on purpose.) Well, that ends up burning my skin and drying it out bad. So, I use the cream. By two days, it is healed. It really does heal and soothe the skin.

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rash relief

Healed my rash

Teri K.
United States United States

The only thing that helped with Fluorouracil!

I applied Fluorouracil (a chemotherapy cream) for 28 days to remove pre-cancerous spots on my face. The last 2 weeks were challenging. My face became angry red and itchy with quite a few sores. After I would wash my face in the mornings, I couldn’t wait to apply “Soothe My Skin” fast enough. It was instant relief that would last all day! (with some re-applying) - and I have very sensitive skin! My face is healing beautifully, and I believe that because I kept it hydrated so well, it wasn’t flaky, and I was able to leave it alone and let it heal completely (rather than scratching at it)

Beth S.
United States United States

repeat customer

I have been using the Emu Joy Soothe my Skin for several months now. I can honestly say that I NEVER want to be without it. Its a lifesaver. It works almost instantly to provide relief of a skin condition I have. With daily use, I can control my condition easily. I am 100% recommending this .

Tina L.
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Ask a Question
  • I have tried sooo many creams and lotions for my eczema and none have cured it. Will this actually banish it for good?

    Doctors continue to conduct research into a cure for eczema, but to date all we can do is treat the symptoms and do whatever is possible to prevent flares. So while Banish My Rash can indeed soothe your dry, flaky, red and itchy skin, it is not a cure for eczema. It is meant to provide temporary relief from the bothersome symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and dermatitis. Emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and powerful moisturizer, so will help to soothe your irritated skin. Many customers have reported that Banish My Rash made their eczema patches clear up. Unfortunately it's a given that they may come back again at some time in the future, but by applying the cream at the first signs of a flare you can minimize the severity and reduce the lenghth of time of the flare.

  • Is Banish My Rash safe to use on my baby's eczema? She has very sensitive skin.

    Yes, Banish My Rash is safe for all ages. It is formulated to be gentle enough for babies and people with sensitive skin.

  • What do you use for a preservative?

    We use tocopherol (Vitamin E) in the formula, and our emu oil contains a meniscal amount of Rosemary extract (1 TBSP per 5 gallons of oil).  All emu oil has to be stabilized or it will oxidize and turn pink or yellow. We do not use any chemical preservatives.