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How to Reduce Burn Scars

Want to know one of the best kept secrets in the health and beauty industry for better healthier skin? Emu Oil. People all over the world are using this product to help alleviate all sorts of skin conditions—including burns.

emu oil for scars

Scarring is a natural part of the skin healing process. Even still, scars left from burns can be embarrassing and troubling for many people. The best way to minimize or prevent scarring after a burn is to start caring for your burn right away.

Of course, severe burns that require medical attention should be treated by a doctor. But most superficial burns can be adequately managed with a few simple daily techniques. This includes drinking plenty of water, keeping the burn clean and dry, covering the burn with a bandage, and applying topical ointments that promote healing.

Unfortunately, many conventional ointments used to treat burns and burn scars contain synthetic materials and other harmful ingredients that may irritate the skin and delay healing. Pure refined emu oil is an all-natural option for burns that is gentle, safe, and highly effective. 

"I burned my arm reaching into our wood stove. I applied emu oil to the burn twice a day for a week. It's been a few months and now I can't even tell where the burn was anymore."

Time lapse photos of burn scar healing with emu oil

How does emu oil help reduce burn scars?


Emu oil contains essential fatty acids. "Essential" simply means that these fatty acids are necessary for your body to function, however your body is not capable of making them. The only way to get these essential fatty acids is through the consumption/use of emu oil and certain other foods.

Here's where burn and scar care comes in: the essential fatty acids found in pure emu oil are critical for the formation of cell membranes. Specifically, emu oil's fatty acid profile helps regenerate and restructure skin cells. Emu oil is also anti-inflammatory, which helps to reduce pain, redness, and swelling around a burn when applied daily. And since emu oil has a small molecular size, it's absorbed more deeply into the skin compared to conventional treatments--without clogging pores. 

Pure and refined emu oil is also free of additives and preservatives, making it safe to use for anyone, even people with sensitive skin. 


How should I apply emu oil to my burn scar? 


The amount of emu oil a person needs to use will depend on the size and severity of their burn. For most people, we recommend applying a small amount to the clean burn or scar at least twice daily, and gently massaging the oil into the skin. This accelerates the absorption of the oil into the burn, and helps to relax and restructure the healing skin. 


Does emu oil really work for burns and scars?


Yes. People throughout centuries have successfully used pure and organic emu oil to safely and effectively promote healthy recovery from burns and to reduce the appearance of burn scars and other skin blemishes. 

Often, the results are significant. 

"Bobby was burned while lighting a fire with gasoline on Friday evening. The following Monday we started applying Emu Oil. By Saturday, he looked 100% better ... we highly recommend emu oil products." 

Boy with severe burns on face  Using emu oil to heal burns

Burns healing after 4 days of emu oil applications  Results of emu oil for burn scar prevention

Are you troubled by a burn scar? Click here for additional information about how to use AEA Certified emu oil from Emu Joy and our other products that can help you find relief, and be prepared if someone you know gets a burn. 

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