Banish My Pain

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Banish My Pain
Banish My Pain
Banish My Pain
Banish My Pain

"I use Banish My Pain every morning for an arthritic shoulder. Within 15 minutes the pain is gone." Jim R.

FDA approved for the relief of 

  • arthritis
  • backache
  • sprains
  • strains
  • bruises

What other conditions can you use it for?

  • leg and foot cramps
  • pulled muscles
  • workout related pain
  • over exertion of muscles
  • lichen sclerosus pain
  • bursitis
  • fibromyalgia

How does emu oil relieve pain?

Emu oil has been shown in clinical studies to reduce inflammation. This is great news if you suffer from arthritis, stiff joints or an injury that results in swelling.

Made with Arnica, Camphor and botanicals chosen for their pain relief properties

Arnica has been shown to reduce pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis in the hand and knee.

Camphor relieves pain, irritation and itching, plus it has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

What's left out is important too

This 100% natural formula doesn't contain any

  • Parabens
  • Perfumes
  • Fragrance oils
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Wheat
  • Petroleum
  • Water or Fillers

Banish My Pain is included in the Soothe My Pain Kit and the Soothe My LS Kit. 

Do not use Banish My Pain on broken skin. Do not use products containing camphor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 




Sunflower Seed Oil, Emu Oil, Beeswax, Camphor,Shea Butter, Arnica Montana Flower, Calendula Flower, Lemon Balm Leaf, Chamomile Flower, Vitamin E, Lavender Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, Chamomile Oil


Banish My Pain
Banish My Pain
Banish My Pain
Banish My Pain
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Emu Joy Banish My Pain Review
Fantastic product!

Awesome product!

jonathan l.
United States United States
Banish my pain

Excellent. It helped to relieve the pain of my knees. I would like to continue use the product to see the long term effects.

United States United States
Emu joy

I'm happy with the cream Emu joy.I use every day .and relax my low back. Thanks you. Lidia

Lidia R.
Australia Australia
Good rub for arthritis pain

This rub has been extremely helpful. Its pain reducing qualities have allowed me to be more active than in the past.

United States United States
back pain

this is working for my husbands lower back pain. thank you so much

United States United States
Wonderful Results

I’m so delighted with how well it works. Highly recommend it.

Canada Canada
Knee pain

I used on the outside of knee daily and overnight with a wrapping so I didn’t rub it on the sheets. I saw much faster results with the wrapping method. The lump I had lessened and the pain also.

United States United States
Helped Calm the pain of my LS

Along with my doctor prescribed LS treatment the Banish my Pain calmed and soothed my LS symptoms. I have tried many products but this is the first that has given repeated results. Other balms I have tried gave hit or miss relief this has been successful each and every time I used it. And many thanks to Carole who has been so supportive and helpful!

Denise C.
United States United States
Fantastic products

Wonderful customer service All products that I have used are outstanding....highly recommend

Carol C.
United States United States
Banish my pain

Old one was a cream. New one is an ointment. Okay but not as effective as the cream. Used for ruptured disc (L-5).

United States United States


Ask a Question
  • Does it have an odor? Does it have a color that will stain like Blue Comfort did?

    Banish My Pain has a mild herbal scent. Several customers have commented that they appreciated that it didn\'t smell medicinal. It DOES NOT have any coloring in it, so will not stain clothing, sheets or carpet.

  • Will this work for a slipped disc in my back? My pain is excruciating.

    Emu oil can\'t fix the underlying cause of slipped disc pain, but it can help with the general pain and achiness that result. It will also reduce associated inflammation. We don\'t make false promises, so freely acknowledge that a slipped disc will probably require other treatments in addition to Banish My Pain.

  • For fibromyalgia what are the benefits, if any, for emu oil and/or emu joy?

    Fibromyalgia is one of the toughest pain ailments to relieve. Emu oil HAS been able to help some people with their fibromyalgia pain, as evidenced by this note from a customer who used Banish My Pain: "I suffer from Fibromyalgia and usually go through my day accepting the achy pains and tenderness. After recieving my Emu Joy Joint and Muscle Pain Relief cream, I opened it right away. My shoulders and neck are usually are where my pain lingers. While rubbing in the cream, it felt nice. Not only just because I was giving myself a mini massage, but the oil really does go deep and relieve the aches of the day. Also, the smell is great. I do not like creams that smell like you took a bath in medicine. Great product!" Either our Pure Emu Oil or the Banish My Pain salve may provide relief for your symptoms. The Pure Emu Oil is 100% emu oil, no other ingredients. Banish My Pain contains 20% emu oil (much higher than the other pain creams on the market which contain emu oil) as well as other botanical ingredients which have known pain relieving properties, such as arnica. More info on emu oil for fibromyalgia is here:

  • What is the difference of cream and balm. What is emu oil? Is it concentrated and what is it use for?

    The cream form is our Soothe My Skin cream and it is primarily used to relieve symptoms associated with irritated skin, eczema, posriasis, dermatitis and other rashes.

    The balm form is the Banish My Rash. It has a consistency similar to vaseline and is best for sore muscles, joints and inflammation due to arthritis.

    Here is information on what emu oil is and how it can be used:

  • I have osteoarthritis in the sacroiliac joints,will this product get me at least several hours of relief before having to apply again?

    Yes, based on other customer feedback you should expect to get several hours of relief at a minimum.

  • Is this safe for kids?

    Yes, all Emu Joy products can be safely used for all ages.