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Emu Oil for Cancer Patients

Gentle yet effective, emu oil has been safely used for thousands of years for burns and pain. In recent years, the use of emu oil among cancer patients has been on the rise through patient word of mouth and doctors' recommendations.

"Last week I sent your emu oil to a friend who is recovering from radiation therapy burns.

She called today and her burns are healing so fast she can hardly believe it. Thank you for what you do."

How does emu oil benefit cancer patients? 

1. Heals and nourishes skin damaged from radiation. When applied topically, emu oil gently penetrates the skin to provide a non-pore clogging moisturizing effect. Due to the oil's small molecular size, it can reach deeper levels of epidermis than conventional moisturizers. Burns, like those caused by radiation, can particularly benefit from the oil's healing and anti-inflammatory properties. 

2. Promotes hair regrowth and generation. It's quite common for a person undergoing chemotherapy to lose his or her hair. During recovery, the return of one's hair is not only an important physical milestone, but an emotional one as well. When massaged into the scalp, emu oil can awaken dormant hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

3. Reduces inflammation. As mentioned, the topical application of emu oil can reduce inflammation in skin damaged from radiation. The anti-inflammatory power of emu oil also can relieve joint pain and muscle aches that commonly present in cancer patients. Additionally, emu oil may also be ingested orally. Here its healing effects work inside the body. For instance, many cancer patients receiving chemotherapy develop painful and troublesome intestinal ulcers. Scientists in Australia have found that emu oil's anti-inflammatory properties can facilitate the healing of these ulcers, reduce bowel damage, and promote nutrient absorption. 

The reason emu oil can benefit cancer patients is due to its essential fatty acids content. These fatty acids are critical for health and are involved a variety of physiological processes. Fatty acids are also involved in the formation and structure of certain cell membranes. People with cancer are a special population, given the unique challenges they face when dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. 

"I had a partial mastectomy and an axillary lymph node dissection, which left two big scars.  I then learned I would be immediately going through months of very aggressive chemotherapy and 7 weeks of radiation.

I used the Emu oil on the scars from the day after surgery and continue to do so.  The Emu oil caused the scars to heal quickly and less painfully.  I have no hard areas on  either scar and the short 4-inch one on my breast looks like a thin line.  The long scar through my armpit is soft and hardly shows.  The skin thickening that happens after breast radiation is minimal.

During radiation therapy, other patients asked me to write down what I was using.  Their burns were much worse than mine and they were in pain.  As soon as they started applying the Emu oil they found relief.  Even during chemo when I had a very compromised immune system, I applied Emu oil to any cuts I got and they healed quickly.  It provided relief from the growing arthritic pain in my finger joints and when my veins hardened from the chemo, it eased the horrible aching pain in my right arm."

A cancer diagnosis is difficult for any person and their loved ones to bear, and treatment can be equally challenging. If you are undergoing cancer treatment and are dealing with the painful side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, consider using emu oil to ease the discomfort and promote healing. And if someone you care about is dealing with cancer, please send them the link to this page so that they can benefit from this information.

As always, keep your physician informed of your use and results.

100% Natural. Gentle. Effective. Safe.