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Using Emu Oil to Effectively Heal Burn Scars

Using Emu Oil to Effectively Heal Burn Scars

Picture this: It’s a warm Sunday afternoon and you’re cooking up burgers on the grill with loved ones, listening to your favorite tunes.

Next thing you know you’re dancing and you’ve even picked up a dance partner in the process. In this single moment, all is right with the world and nothing could go wrong. Well, almost.

Remember that pair of tongs laying on the edge of the grill? In the midst of dancing, they slip, and as you rush to grab them, you get burned.

You need something that can soothe the burned area, fast.

This is where emu oil comes in.

Burn pain and sensitivity can limit your daily activities so our emu oil works by:

  1. Deeply penetrating the skin for sufficient moisturization
  2. Increasing the production of collagen which helps wounds heal quickly

And we’re not making this stuff up, just take a look at Ann's experience,

"I burned my arm reaching into our woodstove. I applied emu oil to the burn twice a day for a week. It's been a few months and now I can't even tell where the burn was anymore."


how to prevent burn scars


What Do Scars From First, Second and Third Degree Burns Look Like?

Burns are classified according to their level of impact on the skin:

  • First-degree — damages the skin’s outer layer (the epidermis) and causes redness and pain but tends to heal within six days without scarring the skin.
  • Second-degree — affects both the epidermis and the layer under the skin (the dermis). Apart from pain and redness, people also experience blisters. It takes 2 to 3 weeks to heal but is more likely to result in scar tissue.
  • Third-degree — is the most severe. It not only damages the top two layers of skin but may also damage the bones and tendons and can even affect nerve endings. One may also notice their skin turn white or black. These types of burns can have longer recovery times and are likely to result in scarring.

Burn scars caused by second and third-degree burns are grouped according to their appearance and impact on the skin:

  • Hypertrophic scars may appear red or purple, are raised above the skin level, and may feel warm to the touch.
  • Contracture scars make the skin, muscles, and tendons tighter and restrict normal skin movement.
  • Keloid scars may appear as shiny, hairless bumps. 

How to Prevent Scars

To prevent or reduce the severity of burn scars, follow these steps:

  1. Rinse the burn with lukewarm water, then let it air dry.
  2. Apply a small amount of emu oil or emu oil cream.
  3. Cover the burn with a nonstick bandage, held in place with gauze.
  4. Seek medical care if the wound is getting redder instead of healing.

Many people have successfully used emu oil on burns to reduce the appearance of burn scars and other skin blemishes.

how to treat facial burns

Just take a look at Bobby’s recovery.

How to Reduce Burn Scars

"Bobby was burned while lighting a fire with gasoline on Friday evening. The following Monday we started applying Emu Oil. By Saturday, he looked 100% better. We highly recommend emu oil products."

Of course, acute burns require medical attention and should be treated by a qualified doctor. But refined emu oil is an all-natural option for burns that provides gentle, safe, and highly effective healing.

How Do You Get Rid of Burn Scars?

Let’s start by learning how burn scars form in the first place.

Burns can damage or destroy the oil glands that normally keep skin from getting too dry.

Partial-thickness burns have fewer oil glands and full-thickness burns or skin grafts have zero oil glands — resulting in dry skin.

The chaotic organization of collagen in the treated skin may trap nerve endings, which contributes to itching.

Patients often experience intense itching after their burn, influenced by its size; the larger the burn, the more likely itching will be a problem.

This is where a stellar moisturizer comes in handy — and emu oil is perfect because it contains essential fatty acids.

"Essential" means that these fatty acids are necessary for your body to function. However, your body is not capable of naturally producing them. 

So the only way to get these essential fatty acids is through the consumption of foods like nuts and fish as well as applying ointments like emu oil.

Here's where burn and scar care comes in: the essential fatty acids found in pure emu oil are critical for forming cell membranes. This is because the fatty acid profile helps regenerate and restructure skin cells.

Does Emu Oil Really Work for First Degree Burns and Scars?

Emu oil is also anti-inflammatory, as it helps to reduce pain, redness, and swelling around a burn when applied daily.

In fact, one study concluded that topically applied emu oil remarkably reduced the severity of acute auricular inflammation due to burns.

And since emu oil has a small molecular size, it's absorbed more deeply into the skin compared to conventional treatments — without clogging pores.

One study confirms this phenomenon as burns treated using emu oil showed up to 60% less scarring at 15 days of treatment and 80% less at 30 days.

Better yet, pure and refined emu oil is free of additives and preservatives, making it safe to use for anyone — even people with sensitive skin.


How Should I Apply Emu Oil to My Burn Scars?

For first-degree burns, we recommend applying emu oil immediately because feedback from our customers confirms it immediately reduces pain.

“My mother also burned her hand and when she put this oil on, she said the pain instantly stopped. Thank you Carole, for such an amazing product. We couldn’t have asked for more.” -Kaitilin G

Not only that, but it doesn’t seal the burn or clog pores, it reduces redness, and in many cases, the burns don’t end up forming blisters.

However, since burns are always at risk of infection, apply an antibacterial agent as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: Second-degree burns covering more than 2-3 inches of skin and all third-degree burns require professional medical attention, so discuss using emu oil with your doctor beforehand. 

They’ll advise you based on the extent of the burn and when you should apply the oil to enhance healing and reduce scarring.

The amount of emu oil you’ll need to use will depend on the size and severity of your burn.

For most people, we recommend applying a small amount to the clean burn or scar at least twice daily and gently massaging the oil into the skin. 

This accelerates the oil’s absorption into the burn and helps to relax and restructure the healing skin.

Here are a few important things to note during burn injury treatments:

  • Apply emu oil in thin layers and gently massage it into the scar. As your scars mature, you can begin to add more pressure, which helps to loosen them.
  • Hot showers strip the skin of its natural oils. Thus, it’s essential to re-moisturize well after showers. Bathing may feel good but also removes natural oils, so add baby oil to the water to alleviate this effect.

Shortly after the burn has healed:

  • Carefully stretch the skin around the affected area for a few minutes every day. This helps to prevent the skin from sticking together around the scar tissue.
  • Wait for any blisters to burst and drain on their own, then have a doctor cut away the dead skin.
  • Cover the damaged area with clothing or sunscreen for a few months.

Lastly, as you recover, you can aid this process with a few simple daily techniques like:

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Keeping the burn clean and dry
  • Covering the burn with a bandage
  • Applying topical ointments that promote healing

“I raised emus back in the 90's and I know I know the value of using the oil. This product is great, no smell, and it's clear. I use it in my makeup and lotions every day. Great product. Works wonders for burns.” - Peggy Thomas

And for convenient, portable burn relief use the On the Go Stick 

For handy burn relief when you're away from home, especially when camping, the On the Go Skin Soother Stick provides easy to apply burn relief in a pocket size twist up stick.

"This is the best stuff for mosquito bites and burns!!! My son, an outdoor enthusiast, and assist. scoutmaster actually discovered this and had a scout try it on a burn, for which the pain immediately subsided. I have used it on mosquito bites and have been utterly amazed at how quickly the itching and swelling is relieved!!!"

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