Pure Emu Oil

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Pure Emu Oil
Pure Emu Oil
Pure Emu Oil
Pure Emu Oil
Pure Emu Oil

“This stuff is amazing! I have ordered this multiple times now - it's absolutely a life saver.” Mary O. 


It’s easy to see why emu oil is nature’s best multi-tasker.


Fills so many needs


  • Facial moisturizer – massage in nightly for velvety soft skin
  • Body moisturizer – apply to damp skin after bathing, before toweling dry
  • Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis – relieves red, flaky, itchy, irritated skin
  • Lichen Sclerosus - soothes, lubricates and thickens delicate skin
  • Piercing and tattoo aftercare – improves healing without petroleum or mineral oil
  • Scalp and hair – for flaky scalp, dry hair and hair growth
  • Swollen joints, arthritis – emu oil’s anti inflammatory properties reduce swelling
  • Radiation and chemo – relieves radiation burns and hydrates dry skin due to chemo
  • Improve the effectiveness of your other favorite skincare products – mix in a drop before applying to enhance absorption and results


Happy emus = best quality oil


Emu Joy emu oil comes exclusively from a single family run farm where the emus are raised humanely, fed a custom blended diet of organic grains, and given plenty of room to run around.


This care results in our oil being exceptionally high in essential fatty acids, the compounds that make emu oil so beneficial. (In contrast, other brands often mix oils from different farms, or even countries, that have far less strict standards, or they dilute it with cheaper vegetable oil 😱)


In fact, our emu oil is so pure it is certified as food grade. It's that safe.


And because emu oil is so similar to human skin oil (since it comes from an animal, not a plant) our skin doesn't put up any barrier to absorption, so it can penetrate through all 7 layers of the skin.


We promise Emu Joy is the best quality emu oil you can buy.


AEA Certified 100% Pure Emu Oil

Pure Emu Oil
Pure Emu Oil
Pure Emu Oil
Pure Emu Oil
Pure Emu Oil
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United States United States

The Greatest product there is. I've purchased a million products and nothing worked but this did. I have rosacea and everything made my face worse. In 1 night my skin looked and felt better. I'm in shock. Finally I can breathe. Forever customer.

Shannon D.
United States United States
Simply. THE BEST

This oil will transform your skin. It is not a hype. This stuff is absolutely amazing. I researched a ton to find the right source; the animals MUST be treated well, harvested for their meat as well and not just killed for fat. This company is American and utilizes strict oversight protocols which is crucial for obtaining the best quality oil you can get. Plus...! Carole, who runs the farm, is such a delight. She’s personable, knowledgeable and ethical. Lastly: I look years younger every time I put her emu oil on my face, so .... sold!!!!

United States United States
Actually see a difference !

I purchased Emu Oil for my face, I have actinic keratosis. Due to the pandemic I had to cancel the procedure my dermatologist wanted to perform. I already see a difference, shared a bottle with my daughter but ended up taking it back!!

Denise C.
United States United States

I really like the way this product feels! It absorbs quickly and does a great job.

Diana L.
United States United States
Emu Oil

I am so pleased. It's not sticky and it absorbs quickly into my skin. It's very soothing and eases the pain of my radiation burns as soon as I put it on.


Ask a Question
  • psoriasis of scalp-is your product effective for this problem?

    Yes, our emu oil can be helpful for scalp psoriasis. It is able to penetrate throught to the inner layers of the skin where it can help to heal from the inside out. The molecular composition of emu oil is very similar to human skin oil, and that is why it is able to travel through the skin cells much better than plant oils like argan, jojoba or coconut.

    For scalp psoriasis apply a few drops to the affected area daily and massage in gently. 

  • Will emu oil help my dry hair?

    Yes, emu oil is an excellent treatment for dry or broken hair. It penetrates the hair shaft to deeply moisturize your hair. Emu oil is very concentrated, so you only need to rub a few drops between your hands then run them through your hair to feel a difference.

  • I have very sparse patches of hair on my edges. Will emu oil make them grow back?

    Yes! One of emu oil's most beneficial capabilities is its ability to "wake up" dormant hair follicles. A study at the Boston University School of Medicine found that treating skin with emu oil resulted in a 20% increase in hair growth activity. You can read more about how emu oil helps with hair growth here: http://emujoy.com/pages/emu-oil-for-hair

  • I've been using coconut oil on my skin. How does emu oil compare to coconut oil?

    What sets emu oil apart from coconut oil is its chemical composition, which is recognized by our skin and therefore "allowed in". This is why it is able to be absorbed so deeply into our skin. Coconut oil doesn't have this ability. By working both inside and on the surface, emu oil can produce results that surpass those of coconut oil. It is also able to carry other ingredients that are mixed with it deep into the skin. In fact, it's so effective as a carrier oil that researchers are studying the use of emu oil as a carrier oil for prescription drugs.

  • Does your emu oil contain Tocopheryl acetatevite as a preservative?

    Our bottles of emu oil are 100% emu oil, with no vitamin E added. This is important for people with a sensitivity to gluten, as Vitamin E is often sourced from wheat. Our emu oil has a shelf life of 1 to 1-12 years when kept tightly capped and out of direct sunlight. We produce in small batches to ensure you receive fresh oil when you purchase it.

  • Can emu oil be used on the scalp for eczema? If so, how long do you leave it on the scalp before washing it out?

    Emu oil is very helpful for scalp eczema, as it penetrates deeply to start the healing process from within. Put a drop on you fingertip and rub your fingertips together to distribute. Gently massage into the affected areas of your scalp for a minute or two. You don't need much oil at all as it spreads quite well. You can leave it on as long as you like. We suggest waiting at least one hour before washing your hair so the oil has time to completely absorb. You can leave it on for as long as you want beyond an hour.

  • Can you take it orally? If so, how much do you take daily? I want oil I can use both topically and orally.

    Yes, you can take Emu Joy emu oil orally. It is refined to the level of certified food grade. Most users take 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon daily, added to things like smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, etc. Emu oil is packed with beneficial omega fatty acids, which our bodies can't produce on their own. It has been shown in studies to provide benefits for people suffering from Crohn's disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, as it reduces inflammation.

  • I bought emu oil and received a bottle with an expiration date 2 months from the date I received it from another company. I am looking to put in lotion, so I want an oil that has an expiration date at least a year from the day I buy it? What is your standard length of expiration date from time of purchase? Thank you.

    Emu Joy has our emu oil poured in very small batches of under 200 bottles each time so you are always guaranteed of getting a fresh bottle. It comes in a dark bottle to preserve freshness. The oil will stay fresh for at least 2 years after bottling. It should be kept in a cool place, in a dark cabinet is ideal.