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5 Incredible Benefits of Emu Oil For Eczema

Emu Oil For Eczema

Atopic dermatitis (eczema) is one of the most prevalent skin conditions. In the US alone, one in ten people (or over 30 million individuals) struggle with atopic dermatitis.

Thankfully, there are numerous treatment options available to help manage eczema symptoms.

Over time, natural and organic treatments have become increasingly popular owing to their health benefits which outweigh any drawbacks.

On the other hand, studies have demonstrated the side effects of prolonged use of synthetic products such as steroid cream.

For instance, this study established that topical steroids may have serious local and systemic side effects.

Moreover, topical creams have withdrawal effects that come with discontinuation. These effects include burning sensations and discoloration.

If you’re in search of natural eczema treatment options, then you should definitely consider emu oil.

Emu oil is a substance obtained from the fat of the emu bird native to Australia. In its raw form, fat from the emu bird primarily consists of essential fatty acids. As such, emu oil is rich in:

  • Linoleic acid
  • Oleic acid
  • Palmitic acid

Whether you’re venturing into using emu oil on your own or had it recommended by a dermatologist, it has a myriad of healing benefits for skin affected by eczema:

Did You Know?

The use of emu oil has an extensive history. Aboriginal Australians pioneered its applications over 40,000 years ago.

Let’s unpack the benefits of using therapeutic grade emu oil as an eczema treatment for your skin.

Emu Oil Is an Anti-Inflammatory

One of the most common issues brought about by eczema is skin inflammation. Eczema causes your immune system to send inflammatory signals to the skin surface. These signals are responsible for symptoms such as irritation and rashes that come with the condition.

Thanks to its essential fatty acids, emu oil soothes your skin, helping to keep inflammation in check. Inflamation risk reduction is why emu oil is so popular, especialy with wounds-like conditions like piercing and abnormal tattoo scabbing.

For 100% natural relief for your skin, try our Soothe My Skin cream. This is a powerful combination of soothing oils enhanced with emu oil without any potential irritants.

Emu Joy Smooth My Skin cream contains:

  • Aloe
  • Shea Butter
  • Calendula
  • Chamomile Extracts
  • Evening Primrose Oil

Soothe My Skin
Soothe My Skin

Customer Reviews

“I'm deeply pleased and pleasantly impressed! I was in the preliminary sensitivity, redness, the inflamed aggravation indicative of an outbreak, so I opened my jar and rubbed the ointment into my skin; in a matter of an hour I realized that, I no longer felt inflamed, nor did I have a sensation to scratch the area.” - Ivory

“Soothe My Skin has given our son amazing relief from the pain and itching of eczema. His skin is noticeably clearer in the morning when we apply it after flare ups.” - Julia M.

Emu Oil Is A Natural Moisturizer

In many cases, eczema causes the skin to dry up. The resulting itchy patches of dry skin can bring about lichen simplex chronicus (LSC). LSC is a condition that develops with excessive scratching of dry skin patches.

We recommend the Smooth My Rash Kit which contains pure emu oil, an application stick, emu soap, and body cream. Together, the kit contents work to give you head-to-toe smooth skin using a blend of all-natural ingredients.

Soothe My Rash Kit
Soothe My Rash Kit

Customer Reviews

“My daughter has severe eczema. 24 hours after applying Soothe My Skin I could see significant improvement and additional 12 hours passed and her skin has seriously improved. I have used 6 applications in total plus a massage last night with Emu oil. I'm done searching for products. I've found something that not only works but, in my opinion, works miracles!!" - James

“I have suffered with psoriasis since I was a child. Always using steroid creams to keep it under control. Have to say I am loving the Banish My Rash kit. I use it in conjunction with my steroid cream and it has been doing wonders. I’m on my 3rd container now and will recommend this to anyone with psoriasis who is tired of the rawness with steroid creams.” - Nikki

Emu Oil Naturally Protects Your Skin Against the Elements

One incredible benefit of emu oil is that it is non-comedogenic. Unlike other substances such as camelina oil, it doesn’t clog the skin pores. Rather, emu oil acts as a sealant, locking in moisture. This helps minimize the impact of exposure to the elements e.g. being out in the sun. Moreover, emu oil heals skin suffering from sun damage.

In addition to this and its anti-inflammatory properties, our Pure Emu Oil helps:

  • Relieve for not just eczema but psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis as well
  • Alleviate the effects of Lichen Sclerosus (LS)
  • Provide aftercare for piercings and tattoos
  • Relieve radiation burns and skin damage caused by chemotherapy
  • Enhance the effectiveness of other skin care products by boosting absorption
  • Address the effects of hair loss and flaky scalp skin
  • Reduce breast sensitivity commonly experienced by breastfeeding mothers

Emu Joy Emu Oil
Emu Joy Emu Oil

Customer Reviews

“I purchased the Emu oil for my dry scalp and hair loss. It is a great hair and scalp moisturizer. My scalp looks healthy now, and my hair has started to regrow and is not dry or breaking like it was before I started using the Emu oil.” - Deborah

“In the past year I've been having flare-ups of cystic acne when I eat processed or fried foods like pizza, french fries, or baked goods. Oftentimes it takes well over a month to heal and I've tried multiple home remedies like lime juice, icing, toothpaste, and plenty of other things that didn't work. Amazing how great it works, being much more transdermal than something like tea tree oil. Having the occasional flare up here and there since 18 (and now in my early 30s) - this is the best and natural remedy I've seen so far.” - Terry

Emu Oil Leads to Visibly Healthy Skin

Beyond moisturizing, studies show that emu oil rejuvenates skin cells and leads to healthy skin by stimulating collagen production. In this particular study, its use resulted in reduced appearance of dark circles and wrinkle depth, while improving elasticity.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It serves vital functions including maintaining the skin’s elasticity thereby keeping it wrinkle-free.

Emu Oil Repels Bugs, Minimizing Triggers

Different people have different triggers for their eczema. If insect bites cause you irritation, itching, and pain, using emu oil can minimize this.

It’s a natural repellent that keeps bugs at bay while remaining odorless and tender on your skin. This is thanks to the presence of terpenes in the oil. Terpenes disorient insects keeping your skin safe even when exposed. Using this oil also relieves the discomfort that comes with insect bites:

“I had painful itchy bug bites that turned rashly and wouldn’t go away because I could not stop scratching it. This product soothed my skin enough so I could quit scratching. The bumps and rash cleared up within a few days.” - Robin

Get Eczema Relief With Emu Joy

Emu oil isn’t a myth or merely a form of unauthenticated alternative medicine. The last decade has seen an increased number of scientific studies which have proven the efficacy of emu oil.

While emu oil is safe and effective for most people, always consult your dermatologist or doctor to prevent reactions with other medications.

With several options available, why should you choose Emu Joy? Here are a few compelling reasons.

Emu Joy Is Certified by the American Emu Association

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could care for our skin and do so in a manner that doesn’t harm or exploit nature? With Emu Joy, you can do both. Thanks to our certification from the American Emu Association, you get the peace of mind that the products you are using are cruelty-free and ethically sourced.

Emu Joy Emu Oil Products Contain 100% Natural Ingredients

When it comes to skincare, what a product contains can be just as important as what it doesn’t. Some creams and emu oil may contain harmful substances such as parabens which undermine the beneficial properties of emu oil usage.

Embrace the gentle touch your sensitive skin deserves; when you buy emu oil , you're investing in soothing, natural relief that truly makes a difference. For peace of mind, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To learn more, read our shipping and returns policy.

Embark on a journey towards natural relief for eczema symptoms with Emu Joy.

Featured Image from:Flickr by Ashley Weber

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