Banish My Rash by Emu Joy relief for irritated skin eczema psoriasis rosacea dermatitis

Are you plagued by dry, itchy, flaky skin? Banish My Rash can help soothe and moisturize your troublesome skin.

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Pure Emu Oil from Emu Joy- Nature's Best Multitasker for your skin, hair, muscles and joints. AEA Certified for guaranteed highest quality.
Our AEA Certified Pure Emu Oil penetrates through all 7 layers of the skin to provide deep relief from extremely dry skin, pain, inflammation, itch, aging, and countless other conditions, yet it's gentle enough to use on even the most delicate skin.
$ 39.98 $ 19.99
On the Go Skin Soother Stick from Emu Joy- Pocket size relief for bug bites, cuts and scrapes, bruises, diaper rash, chapped skin and more

Now it's easy to be prepared for life's little emergencies. The pocket size On The Go Skin Soother Stick is the perfect multi-tasking first aid stick. 

Not only does this versatile balm offer a convenient alternative to relieve many different conditions in a lipstick size, non-messy stick, but it also utilizes the healing power of PURE EMU OIL that has been used for millennia for inflammation, irritation, itch, and pain.

$ 10.99
Soothe My Rash Kit from Emu Joy - Natural Organic Skincare with the benefits of emu oil and botanicals

We've combined our best selling all natural rash relievers into a money-saving kit that's great for anyone suffering from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea or other troublesome skin rashes.  The kit contains:

  • Pure Emu Oil
  • Banish My Rash cream
  • On The Go First Response Stick 
$ 55.97 $ 49.99